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Now Normal – GK Digital Ventures Founder Greg Kahn

Episode Summary

The Internet of Things (IoT) industry has quickly transformed from a futuristic idea to the next massive evolution (McKinsey predicts IoT will deliver $6 trillion in economic impact by 2025). Greg Kahn is the President and CEO of the Internet of Things Consortium, a trade association focused on frontier technologies across IoT including home automation, smart cities, connected healthcare/wellness, connected cars and connected retail. Greg is also the CEO of GK Digital Ventures, which provides investor strategies, marketplace development and executive experiences, and data & technology support. He has been awarded the Business Role Model of the Year in 2020 by CEO World. Named one of the Top IoT influencers by Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and The Internet of Business. We talk about the future of IoT, its impact on startups and corporations and why the future is not in some Jetsonian future but is the Now Normal.